Hey, it's blocked!

Bugrit resolved


I tried the Yarn Harlot's crochet cast off (thanks for the suggestion, tinebeest); this method works very well but the resulting edge was tight. I frogged, reknitted the last pattern row using a much larger needle and did the crochet cast off again. The edge was still too tight for the shawl to block nicely. More frogging. After a rustle through my stash, I found a tiny ball of Hand Maiden 4ply Cashmere in a brown/black/grey combo and used this to knit the last pattern row and to do a stretchy cast off (K2, *insert left needle into front of stitches on right needle and Ktog, K1; repeat from *).

I'm happy now - more pics when the shawl's blocked. As ever, this may take some time :o)


wah! you can't knit something that looks that pretty and then not block it! give it here...

That looks warm - bit warm for today!

Ah well, I haven't had to try that crochet cast-off myself yet, but I have it at the ready in my arsenal. That is a really nice FO you have there, looking forward to post-block pictures!

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