Birthday stuff
At long last, the netting's down


EmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmH! What is it suppose to be? If I got paid I might wear it!

haha! I laughed so hard when I saw it I had to forward the email featuring the pattern to my other half.

O. M. G.

I LOVE THIS!!! I want to make it in a gorgeous navy to wear with my vast collection of striped tops!!! Does that make me sad???

Mmmmmm cosy ;-)

ha ha ha ha... that's pure entertainment! but i'm not sure why you'd spend the money and time to make it when you could just buy a fleece slanket (google it.)

Now that is a most timely link. My husband spent today looking through old photots of himself as a toddler in the 1940s and has just said "I wish I still had a romper suit": So I've showed him this and, guess what: he's changed his mind (thank goodness).


HAHAHAHA!!! It's like a romper suit crossed with harem pants. Woollen harem pants - I can't imagine that being a very savory idea for the pantal regions.

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