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Time flies...and things change

Four years ago today, Wibbo's Words came into being. Looking back at the first post, it seems strange to see such a tiny photograph. In those days, most people I knew had dial-up internet connections and images took forever to download, even fairly small ones. I still feel slightly embarrassed remembering the time I bunged up a friend's inbox for hours by emailing her several too-large photos...

I've met some lovely people through blogging and send a Big Thank You to Yvonne who twisted my arm encouraged me to take the first step.


Pre-ordered from Amazon, January 12 2009. Don't you just hate it when you pre-order a book only to be told on the day it's due to be despatched that Amazon haven't got enough copies to fulfill your order? That happened twice with this book. I cancelled the Amazon order early this week, ordered the title from The Book Depository and it arrived this morning. That's more like it! Fascinating book; well worth the wait.