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Time flies...and things change

Four years ago today, Wibbo's Words came into being. Looking back at the first post, it seems strange to see such a tiny photograph. In those days, most people I knew had dial-up internet connections and images took forever to download, even fairly small ones. I still feel slightly embarrassed remembering the time I bunged up a friend's inbox for hours by emailing her several too-large photos...

I've met some lovely people through blogging and send a Big Thank You to Yvonne who twisted my arm encouraged me to take the first step.


I'm into blogging and I would like to thank you for that. I really enjoy blogging, I have always enjoyed taking photographs but only since digital have I taken it seriously because I couldn't afford to have films developed!

Happy Blogiversary from someone who still enjoys reading every word you write, loves every photo you post and occasionally gets to knit with your wonderful yarn! Only wish I got to see you more often!

Must be something in the air as today I wore the raffle prize shawl you knitted.

Happy blogiversary. I enjoy reading/viewing all your blogs ;o)

I always enjoy your posts, so keep going. I must get back into more regular ways myself...

Happy blogiversary!

happy blogaversary:)

Its great to be able to see my English cousin, I really love reading your blog,

Happy Blogiversary from a new reader :-)

Happy blogiversary!

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