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Choose pattern and yarn. Check.

Nice bright red merino sock yarn. Check.

Knit shawl. Check.

Decide yarn colour's not quite me. Check.

Dye finished shawl. Check.

Better colour now. Check.

Spin shawl dry in mesh bag. Check.

Block shawl. Check.

Hang on - two loose yarn ends in middle of shawl? Oh, I see. Snagged and torn during spin drying, buggrit. Check.

Looks really bad on wrong side, decide will darn in ends before probably consigning to bin. Check.

Turn shawl over and look at front. Check.

Buggrit hardly noticeable. Check.

Stand back and admire. Check.


What's been happening, Wibbo?

There's been sunshine (and an uncooperative feline),

a few grey days,

plenty of rain,

pretty pink skies

and a fair amount of knitting, most of which I can't show you yet. This one's for me though - a shaped scarf from Sally Melville's terrific book The Knit Stitch. My scarf doesn't look very exciting at the moment, but it feels luscious as I'm using up odds and ends of cashmere, silk, merino and alpaca yarns in dark mucky colours.