Cranes & buttons
Knitting, stitching and a really big pan


Mine too! Procrastination that is not Mary. That or I'm easily distracted away from the boring bits..lalalala.

irl - I don't have a middle name ;o(

Mine, too - on both counts!

ahh, the world of "work in progress"

It has to be 'second sock syndrome' for me - unless I can find someone with one leg who takes a size 8 sock!


Crikey, and I thought the TEN shawls in 2010 one was ambitious - 20?!! Still, a third of the year gone and a third done is good progress in my book - blocking doesn't have to count ;P

I think I'm being a tad over-ambitious with 20 shawls....will more than likely revert to attempting 10 and knit a couple of BIG designs instead of more little 'uns :o)

I've made two shawls this year. I've got plenty in my faves...but I'm not sure I'm ready for 10. The ones you have pictured are lovely.

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