Melting and pouring
I love you, TK Maxx

This was fun!

It's been a very crafty week by the seaside. On Monday, Emma and Sam dyed sock yarn in my kitchen with Wilton's Icing Dyes - I've not used Wilton's before and was really impressed with some seriously saturated colours. Friday afternoon was a Brighton Craft Guerrilla crafternoon round at Emma's and these are some of the badges I came home with. She's got a brilliant badge-making machine; a proper professional number that's really easy to use and all sorts of stuff got badged. I used old maps and cuttings out of magazines and an old encyclopedia; Annie and Lucy tried out fabric, threads, crochet and sparkly bits and were very happy with the results. I think another badge-making afternoon will be on the cards soon....


stunning colours on the yarn Jan are the colours available here in UK?
Love your badges:)

I Love the monster looking one at the top, and the one with the bee and the art deco looking one on the right (with the blue plait)
Julie xxxxxx

Amber, I got my Wilton dyes from a US seller on eBay. They come in small pots so postage is fairly cheap. I also have some UK icing dyes from Sugarflair which are supposed to be like the Wilton ones but haven't tried them out yet :o)

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