It's my middle name*
Socks and an orchid


Like the doodles!

In the kitchen shop in Bath pan that size is about three figures in price!!!
What are you doing with the plastic canvas embroidery?

Mine cost a tenner! No plans really for the embroideries; maybe make them into brooches. Just enjoying stitching :o)

I love your doodles and jealous of your big pot - mind you I most often dye wool etc in the microwave. Have a special set of bowls etc for it - and never use the microwave for cooking:) Might come and see you soon - a friend lives in Haywards Heath and I have been to see her a couple of times during recovery. I have got her into crochet again and she has borrowed one or two books - you know which ones:) thought if I was going down to her again (she has a new textile art studio and I can use in in exchange for cooking a curry :) - we might be able to come into Brighton and meet you. Will be in touch by e-mail soon.

Sue, it would be lovely to see you and meet your friend! Bring some nice weather with you too. :o)

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