Socks and an orchid

Christening the pan



I'm very happy with my new dyeing pan. This is the yarn the pan was christened with - yummy 55% silk/45% cashmere laceweight from Violet Green kettle dyed in subtle shades of blue, gunmetal, purple and teal. The yarn was a present from Liz a couple of years ago (thanks, Liz!) and it dyed very nicely indeed. Note to self: Resist the temptation to overfill the pan - you know you won't be able to lift anything that heavy ;o)


Totally gorgeous - love the colour. What will it become?

Something shawly, surprise, surprise! There's about 720m so lots of pattern choices.

Ooh. Pretty. Should probably also thank Sparkleduck, who ordered in bulk and then let me purchase some of her skeins...

oooh, I love blue! Reminds me of a faded painted door on a beach hut....hmmm!


Beautiful colour! You did a great job!

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