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Sneezing and sniffling

Not much happening at The Towers apart from a streaming cold to accompany some obsessive football listening. The pink striped orchid is still in flower



and another one's making its bid for freedom. Suspect that this is the softer, paler pink orchid that I blogged, oooh, ages ago

My knitting mojo has gone AWOL; it usually does at this time of year. I've started a couple of new blogs by way of compensation having more free time than usual. The first blog's a home for some of my cross stitch and blackwork designs which I've converted into free downloads - you can check them out at Tom Pudding Designs. It seemed silly to have the charts sitting around in a storage box and I've been meaning to get them online for a couple of years. The other new blog, Archive, is a mixture of vintage photographs, postcards and other bits and pieces that I've collected over the years. I guess this means I'm a serial blogger...

Christening the pan



I'm very happy with my new dyeing pan. This is the yarn the pan was christened with - yummy 55% silk/45% cashmere laceweight from Violet Green kettle dyed in subtle shades of blue, gunmetal, purple and teal. The yarn was a present from Liz a couple of years ago (thanks, Liz!) and it dyed very nicely indeed. Note to self: Resist the temptation to overfill the pan - you know you won't be able to lift anything that heavy ;o)

Socks and an orchid

I usually knit a dozen or so pairs of socks throughout the year; plain vanilla ones using patterned, striped or hand dyed yarns. Socks are perfect mindless knitting and small enough to carry round with me. Trouble is, I end up with a pile of nearly-finished pairs that need afterthought heels and grafting before they can go in the airing cupboard ready for next winter. I present the first twelve pairs of this year's lot.



Orchid2 (2) 

One of my orchids is flowering again. Pretty.