Knitting, stitching and a really big pan
Christening the pan

Socks and an orchid

I usually knit a dozen or so pairs of socks throughout the year; plain vanilla ones using patterned, striped or hand dyed yarns. Socks are perfect mindless knitting and small enough to carry round with me. Trouble is, I end up with a pile of nearly-finished pairs that need afterthought heels and grafting before they can go in the airing cupboard ready for next winter. I present the first twelve pairs of this year's lot.



Orchid2 (2) 

One of my orchids is flowering again. Pretty.


There is a sock in the second picture that almost perfectly matches your lovely orchid!

Very pretty!
Julie xxx

Your knitting is amazing! I love this orchid too, we have a similar one that seems to flower indefinitely

HI Jan, do you have a pattern for socks that you would share with your Aussie Cousin ???

Carol, I've got my own pattern which I'll email to you - it's really easy!

Thanks, I'll look forward to it, :) Winter is Brisbane is a good time for socks.

They are all so different, but so pretty! The orchid is beautiful too! :)

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