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Passing it on

As usual, I dug out my knitting while waiting to see the doctor this morning and spent the next ten minutes chatting to a fellow knitter who was intrigued by the sock-on-two-circs thing. Surprising how much information about circular needles v DPNs, sock yarn, free patterns you can pass on in such a short time. She left the surgery full of enthusiasm to buy yarn, needles and have a go herself. Yay!

Blending your own

OK, hands up those readers who thought I was talking about fibres? I'm not. I'm talking about cat litter, a subject close to my Flossie's heart. For years, I've filled litter trays with a mixture of lightweight clumping litter and a heavier litter made from fuller's earth. Result was a scoopable substance that didn't tread round the flat and didn't smell. I was happy; Flossie was happy. As was her predecessor, Katie aka The Black Rat.

So, the clumping litter has been discontinued and I've been unsuccessful finding a good replacement. The litters I've tried so far either don't clump properly and break up when you scoop (brands A & B); clump very well, create a huge amount of dust and have a gaggingly sweet smell* (brand C); clump fantastically well, have brilliant odour control but are so lightweight that the clean litter granules tread round the flat (brand D). 

The search goes on.

*Advertised on the box as "pleasant talc perfume"

Free knitting patterns

I've finally got round to connecting as a Ravelry designer and I've uploaded four free pdf patterns to download. Click on the links below the pics to get to the relevant pattern page on Ravelry.  BTW, if you're a knitter reading this and you haven't discovered, joined or explored Ravelry yet, get yourself over there and do it :o)


Jitterbug Scarf


Leaf Lace Washcloth


Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy


Garter Stitch Leaf

November already!

I've lost a couple of months, it seems. Apologies for the gross blog neglect; no particular reason apart from a general loss of knitting/blogging mojo all round. Hove Daily Photo is still a daily occurrence but I though I'd better kick start my other blogs before they start to disappear into the wide blue yonder.  Hence, I've signed up for NaBloPoMo and will do my best to be more chatty than I have been....