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Service with a smile

I love Dockerills; it's a proper shop staffed with friendly, knowledgeable people who take a pride in their work. When you ask for an item, they don't do the classic "it's over there" and wave their hand in the general direction of said thing. They actually come out from behind their counter and go fetch it for you. Pretty impressive in this day and age, particularly when you only want a 75p packet of 3amp fuses.

Ooooh, shiny!

I decided to leave the Christmas tree in its box this year; the out-of-Flossie's-reach spot where it usually goes is already occupied so I made a quick garland of baubles to hang across the centre of the window bay.





6 packs of tiny shatterproof baubles, some Anchor Artiste Metallic yarn in white, 2.75mm crochet hook. It's basically a long crochet chain with a bauble added every 4 chains by working a dc (US sc) through its hanging loop. 



I like avocados; food and foliage in one neat package. I ate this avocado a few months ago, planted the pit (stone) and the resulting plant is coming along very nicely. I didn't bother with the toothpick thing which is fiddly. I soaked the washed pit in water for a couple of days, peeled away the skin, planted the pit in an 8cm pot of compost and stuck it on the kitchen windowsill to sprout. I repotted the plant into the next size pot when it had grown four leaves.