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Warm hands


I've been fiddling around writing and rewriting a pattern for knitted mittens tailored to the size of my hands and I think I'm almost there. My hands are small and ready-made mittens/gloves that fit the width are always too long; child size ones fit the length of my fingers but then the cuffs are too short. These mittens fit almost perfectly - a couple more adjustments to the pattern and I'm done.

Snow instead of oranges


I ventured out yesterday before complete stir-craziness took over at Wibbo Towers. I'm a happy-at-home sort of person but three days inside with the prospect of a fourth was becoming too long. The pavements were like mini skating rinks and I had to walk really carefully but it was nice to be part of the real world again. I went to knit at Cocoon and then down the road for a knitterly lunch at an Italian cafe. The tree outside Cocoon is usually decorated with knitted oranges; yesterday snow topped the branches.

And another thing


The concept of clearing away snow from the front of your premises seems to be a foreign concept down here in Hove, in spite of the council's severe weather advice that "It is now more important than ever that residents play their part and ‘shovel, salt, sweep’ outside their homes and premises". Maybe I'm more of a misplaced/displaced northerner than I realise...