Down and away
Happier with this

That denial thing

You probably know it too. The little voice that whispers I don't really like that pooling. Immediately drowned out by the louder voice that says It'll look fine in the morning. The yarn is gorgeous. You're nitpicking again and anyway it's too dark to see the colours properly. The pooling doesn't look too bad and you've knitted so much it'd be such a shame to pull it out.

You'd think I'd have worked out by now that the little voice is usually right. The penny didn't finally drop until I'd knitted 13 out of 14 repeats of bud lace at the beginning of a Swallowtail shawl. Frogged it this morning and started again. With different yarn in a different colour.



I hate that little voice. It's always right ;)

I know it all too well! I think the reward is that when you start again it all seems to go much quicker/better.

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