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Where are they now?

Write about the fate of a past knitting project. Whether it be something that you crocheted or knitted for yourself or to give to another person. An item that lives with you or something you sent off to charity.

Many years ago (sometime during the 80s) I crocheted a huge bedspread in hexagon motifs using Rowan's Lightweight DK. The yarn came in an enormous range of colours and in 25g/70m skeins. I couldn't afford to buy all the yarn at once, so I used to pick up a fivers-worth at a time from Reis Wools in Holborn. I had no colour plan in my head and because the hexagons were joined together as I worked, I couldn't make any changes once they were in place. The small inner voice of doubt in my head should have warned me, but I ignored it and pressed on. And on. And on. Until the bedspread was finished and I'd worked several rows of edging round it. At that point, trying it out on the bed made me realise with horror that I absolutely hated the colours. All that hideous yellow! What on earth had I been thinking of?



So I folded up the bedspread and put it away, firmly out of sight, where it stayed for the best part of fifteen years. Then it occured to me that I could unpick the whole thing and re-use the yarn. That way madness lies; I soon abandoned the unpicking, (don't faint) cut the bedspread into four and ran the pieces through my washing machine a couple of times. I ended up with nice thick felt and the colours didn't look too bad because they'd faded slightly in the wash and each hexagon had shrunk to about half its original size.

Two thicknesses made a comfy seat pad for my studio chair



and some is in use as a cat perch handy rug to take down to the beach. 



That was such a great idea.
ps - love your kitty

I used to work near Reis Wools and visited it often. Funny to think that we may have brushed past each other then! I loved that shop. I don't think I have any of their wool left, but I do have one of their carrier bags.

I like what you have done with the blanket.
Julie xxxxxxx

I was another Reis shopper too, and I too have a carrier bag!

Actually I rather like the original bedspread, be great for a child to learn colours from. But what you ave done is a good idea too.

I loved your blanket. That is such a happy, open-ended work of art. But what you did with it afterwards to be comfortable with it were terrific ideas.

How sad to go through all that work and not like it! I'm glad you are getting at least SOME use out of it.

Wow, what a great idea! (And what A LOT of work!) I recently acquired a chair that needs a new seat cover... You have inspired me. Thank you!

Ingenious! Though I liked the blanket in its original form, too!

I have become obsessed with the flower hexagon now that I have seen your blanket - I have bought all of your books and now cart them around with my bags and baskets of yarn. Today I made about 5 with a sport weight cotton and didn't like the colors I have, so I went on to a DK wool that I have bunches of and have started making hexagons with that. This is very addicting, attaching the pieces as you go. My biggest problem is finishing a big project. I have 2 big blankets started, but can't seem to finish them and have a dream of finishing one that won't bore me to death and be fun to make. Fingers crossed - maybe the flower hexagon will be the one!!! I had started a different flower hexagon, but the amount of ends I will have to weave in (4 colors per flower) seems too daunting to tackle. Thanks for the inspiration!!!
Can you tell me how big your hexagons were? Mine are about 6" across. I am using a F hook and DK tightly twisted wool yarn. Thanks!

@ Laura Thank you for your lovely comments about my work :o) My hexagons come out about 6" across using DK yarn and a G (4mm) hook - I'm a tight crocheter. Have fun making your blanket!

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