I haz colour on my balcony...
I seem to have another obsession



Yep totally awesome.

Did you weigh all your yarns?I can't get my socks to be that identical even when made from non-leftovers! ;)

I like! I like how they change from colour to almost monotone colours then back again to colour. :)

@ Annie: No, I used a row counter and did 21 rows of each colourway. Anal? Moi? ;o)

love love LOVE!! (both you and the socks, that is!)

@ Tola: Your socks were my inspiration!

I love them
Julie xxxxxxxxx

I have used excess yardage from adult sized socks to make small children's socks and made granny square blankets by adding compatible joining/edging yarns. I like your socks and can see how you arranged the colours, but how did you join the yarns to avoid knotty, uncomfortable bumps?

@ Maureen: Usually I do a Russian join (if you don't know this way of joining yarns, do Google it) or overlap the two yarns, work 2 or 3 stitches with double yarn then darn in the ends in opposite directions.

you mean those socks i made for my husband? yours are MUCH nicer than mine!

@ Tola: Yes, that pair!

Many thanks for your tips on joining yarns. Both of those methods will work well. Coincidently, I discovered the Russian join just this past week when following instructions for finishing the Ice Queen cowl pattern from Knitty. It worked well on the Merino lace weight I used for that, so I'll give it a go on socks. The 'left over' sock yarn seems to accumulate rather quickly here!

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