Happy 70th, Bob!
Now, where was I?


I can't make up my mind about Kindles - I kind of like them and kind of don't. On the one hand they seem great especially for things like holidays and long trips, etc but I do love the feel of a real book and to see shelves chock full of books.

Have a good weekend!! :)

I feel the same as Ruth - I am addicted to audio books though - I can get so much crocheting and housework done & still have the "company" of a book. The only time I really read a book now is right before sleep. Good problems, huh?!

Now you shook my firm resolution NEVER to buy a kindle because I just LOVE the feel of a book, the smell of fresh paper and the sound of turning pages - and now you mention FREE E-books....
what do I do now???!!!

Know what you mean. I'm a Kindle addict. I check this place for freebies every day http://www.jungle-search.com/UK/kindle.php#free

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