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Now, where was I?

The last few months have sped past. I'm reminded of that Douglas Adams quote I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. 

There have been several deadlines at Wibbo Towers, albeit self-imposed ones. The first one was to make a wedding present for Steph and Benn - a ripple stitch crochet blanket.




Then there was a shawl from Steph to wear at her wedding. She chose the Misty Blossom Stole pattern (ravelry link) and wanted a bright red semi-solid yarn to match one of the flower colours in her dress.






I was really pleased with how this turned out (as was Steph!) - I knitted it exactly to pattern apart from substituting a narrow picot edge for the original lace edging.


Welcome back! :) I was beginning to worry. Clearly time put to good use. Lucky Steph!

WOW! They are stunning! I love red!
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Gorgeous, both of them!

Meanwhile I'm quietly working through '200 Blocks', making charity washcloths and blanket squares - good fun!!

Beautiful red colour indeed! I love the ripple blanket immensely - lovely warm colours, my fave :)

I was beginning to get concerned, glad you are back. Blanket is gorgeous, such colours, did you dye anything specially for that? If not your stash must be fantastic! And that beautiful shawl, I am sure she was thrilled.

Thanks all for the nice comments! Steph's chosen colour scheme for the blanket was red, pink, orange and I sneaked in lots of other colours (yellow, purple, blue) to add a little extra zing ;o) Jill, I did dye some of the blanket yarn - the really bright colours - the rest of the yarns were from stash, mainly DK leftovers and sock yarn used double.

Absolutely incredible - such beautiful craftsmanship! Glad you're back.
Question: Can you hold variegated sock yarn double without it crocheting up into a dizzy pattern or mess? I haven't tried it yet but have lots of sock yarn that will probably never be made into socks & would crochet up so much faster anyway:)

Thanks Laura! Sock yarn held double does look a bit messy but works well as single stripes in a blanket :o)

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