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It's officially cold

Busy, busy, busy

Brighton Craft Guerrilla will be at Craftaganza's Christmas Market at Fabrica on December 10 and I'm busy dyeing, stitching and crocheting all manner of stuff for the stall. The venue's nice and central and we're looking forward to plenty of visitors wandering round and (hopefully) buying! I'll post more details nearer the date.


This is the latest batch of sock yarn ready to be skeined and labelled; I'd better go do just that...


Oo, oo, that blue on the far right is EXACTLY the blue I would like to dye with.

Ooooooooh... So purty! May have to see if I can make that one.

You'll have to show pics of what you are selling - I am in the mood to stock pile stuff to sell & not sure what will sell- I love to make bags, baby sweaters, baby blankets & hats, but it never seems like people want to buy. I should just make stuff that I like & can as gifts if it doesn't sell, but we'll see. Good luck with yours!:)

you have an Etsy shop?

Hi Tola! No Etsy shop yet, but have plans for some sort of online shop after Christmas :o) We miss you at knitting. x

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