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In denial

I've been stuck in that slightly uncomfortable place known as Knitter's Denial. Cast on a new pattern yesterday and knitted 13 rows on 294 stitches before I went to bed; knitted another couple of rows with this morning's cuppa (Montagne Bleu, in case you were wondering); changed needles from wood to metal; knitted another row. Finally admitted to myself about 10 minutes ago that I don't like it. The pattern's lovely (can't link because it's gift knitting), the yarn's a really nice colour but yarn and pattern just don't work together.

The yarn's now frogged and rewound. Time for a rustle through the stash for something that will work better.....


Isn't it weird when that happens? I find myself continuing to knit as I ponder/muse whether I will ever finish it or if I like it and then the next thing (sometimes even 1/2 way through a row)it's off the needles and getting frogged.

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