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Lickley-Dunlop Victorian Family Album


I'm fascinated by vintage photographs and I'm gradually uploading some of my collection to one of my blogs, Archive, along with postcards, documents and other ephemera. 

There's a huge amount of information about vintage photographs online as well as hundreds of images. I found the link to the wonderful Lickley-Dunlop Victorian Family Album on What's That Picture? and thought I'd share it.

Photograph  Copyright All rights reserved by Don Lickley

One thousand and eighty

That's the number of photos I've posted on Hove Daily Photo so far - one a day since December 2nd 2008. I originally thought I'd keep HDP going for a year (along the lines of Project 365) but it's gradually become part of daily life and I'm still wandering round Brighton & Hove taking photos.

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