Knitting in the sunshine
It's the end of the month

Staying at home


The weather's pretty rubbish today; not particularly cold but horribly windy. I can hear the wind whistling outside my windows and plants on the balcony are getting a serious battering. I don't mind cold weather, rain or even snow but I absolutely hate windy weather and you get an awful lot of it down here on the south coast. Grumble.

So I think it's a day at home for me today. I'm waiting for the next installment of Huldran due out later this afternoon and listening to this which is slightly disappointing and has the distinct whiff of a potboiler. 


No No No - don't say Val has let us down.

I bet you must be glad that NaBloPoMo is just about over. :)

Enjoy your day indoors. That sea does look frothy and exciting, tho.

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