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Double bubble scent ball

I saw one of these several years ago and didn't buy it (no money and nowhere to hang it). It's a handblown glass ball about 10cm across with a small inner bubble at the top below a hanging ring. You hang the ball in front of a window, put a couple of drops of essential oil in the inner bubble then sunlight shines through the glass to warm the oil and diffuse the scent.


I found this scent ball in one of George Street's many charity shops this morning - it's now hanging in front of my south-facing window. Funny how someone else's unwanted item is just the thing you've wanted for ages! Now, to decide which oil to use. Sandalwood? Patchouli? Neroli? Hmmm....


If you see another one.........I too saw one of those and coudn't afford it!
Julie xxxxxxxx

very cool! and i would use patchouli oil, but i'm stinky like that!

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