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The days between Christmas and New Year feel slightly odd to me - like someone's pressed a pause button. Way back when, New Year's Day was only a Bank Holiday in Scotland and life south of the border got back to normal straight after Boxing Day. I can't say that I like this time of year either.

Right, that's the grumble out of the way. Not a lot happening at Wibbo Towers apart from generally mindless knitting and a little excitement after finding a terrific crochet block pattern which looks perfect for using up my bits and pieces of yarn. It's this one

and it's free to download here. I really should finish a couple of things first then it's out with the hooks...


Sniffle, sniffle. There's a cold doing the rounds and I'm sniffing, sneezing and grumbling. So what's new at Wibbo Towers?

Reading: A Portrait Of Leni Riefenstahl - charity shop; £1.

Listening to: Marie Antoinette - library; free with subscription card.

Knitting: I've laid down my needles until I feel more like concentrating. In the meantime, I'm crocheting a hat with earflaps which requires very little effort compared to lace and cables.

Liking: Not a lot.

Looking at: Vintage Photographs.

Nearly done

I'm nearly done with a batch of blocking; mainly gift knitting/crochet that needs to go in the mail but this is for me. It's the Amberwell Shawl (Rav link) knitted in Hand Maiden Sea Silk, colourway Ebony, that's been sitting in a heap since I cast it off in July. The colour doesn't look very exciting in the photo but it's lovely and subtle in real life.


It's now blocking *drumroll* and should be dry by tomorrow. More photos to follow.

A good day


We had a good day at Craftaganza yesterday. The other stallholders were friendly, there were masses of people looking round (some buying), the weather was kind and lots of friends came along to see us. Notable mentions go to Penny and twins for banana muffins and to Jamie for very welcome cups of tea at the end of the day.

Double bubble scent ball

I saw one of these several years ago and didn't buy it (no money and nowhere to hang it). It's a handblown glass ball about 10cm across with a small inner bubble at the top below a hanging ring. You hang the ball in front of a window, put a couple of drops of essential oil in the inner bubble then sunlight shines through the glass to warm the oil and diffuse the scent.


I found this scent ball in one of George Street's many charity shops this morning - it's now hanging in front of my south-facing window. Funny how someone else's unwanted item is just the thing you've wanted for ages! Now, to decide which oil to use. Sandalwood? Patchouli? Neroli? Hmmm....


This morning, it felt odd to take out library audio books that aren't due back until 2012. Or maybe I'm in denial that we're already close to Christmas and the end of the year. Judging by the amount of shoppers milling around in town and in the local supermarkets, you'd think it was Christmas Day tomorrow - maybe someone should tell them there are still two and a bit weeks to go....