It's the end of the month

I've run out of ideas

I've lost/misplaced/can't find a tiny box of knitting stuff (cable needle, folding scissors, short crochet hook, stitch markers etc). It's one of those natty Socktopus boxes from ages ago and I know it's somewhere within these four walls. I haven't used the box lately and the loss is really bugging me! I've looked in all the usual places I keep my knitting things and rummaged in handbags/baskets/knitting bags and it remains stubbornly hidden. I've run out of ideas of places to look and I'm now beginning to wonder if I've lent it to someone and forgotten....


Have you looked down the back of the sofa?
If like me you have grand tidy-up and you gather things all together and just plonk them somewhere else out of site - out of mind!!
Julie xxxxxxxx

i *hate* when that happens, it drives me mad! i hope you find it soon, for your own peace of mind.

I have one of those to give back to you - remember giving me one of those boxes when I'd lost my knitting bag and got it back?

*Where* I've safe-placed it while waiting to get it back to you, however... Hmm.

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