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Slightly late in the day

My reading list total for 2011 is 66. Not bad, but this figure doesn't include several false starts with books I couldn't finish and there were several of those. I'm less tolerant that I used to be - if I'm not enjoying a book after the first 50 or so pages, then out (or back to the library) it goes. 

The list's on Pinterest here. My stand-out book of last year was an audio book read by the author and it's this one:

Hope and Glory: The Days That Made Britain (Unabridged)

Knitted gifts

Now that January has got into its stride, here's a look at gifts I made for Christmas.



Fingerless mittens for Liz in hand dyed high twist merino; my own design using a stitch pattern from a Japanese stitch dictionary.



Elise shawls for Kris and her mum in hand dyed BFL sock.


Long crochet scarf with fringe for Julie; my own design in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.

On the what's-on-the-needles-now front, not much. Huldran is progressing slowly (lovely, lovely Wollmeise) and there are a couple of pairs of plain vanilla socks on the go. I think I'd better go cast something else on! 

Looking rather bare...

Decs the Christmas decs and lights have been taken down and packed away for another year. The cards have gone to the recycling bin and the table's almost clear.

I've made no resolutions as such but have a few ideas that may, or may not, materialise as something tangible during the year. The blank-sheet-of-paper thing is rather nice!