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I want to knit a Color Affection (Ravelry link) so, as you do, I had a hunt through my stash but couldn't find three skeins of yarn that were the same weight and went well together. Out with the dyepot at that point; the centre skein is handpainted and the other two are kettle dyed. The base yarn is BFL Superwash Sock.


The colours do look good together in real life and I was all set to wind the skeins and cast on. Then it occured to me that three shades of grey would look even nicer and I dyed more skeins of the same base yarn.


Now I can't decide which combination I like best. Such is one of life's little trials...


Flossie, channeling Rhett Butler, thinks that frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.


Both very nice indeed! You could always make two?!

You just need to make both. You will wear both loads I promise.

I agree about the greys working so well - I love shades of grey - does that make me John Major?

Love the other colours as well though - knit two!

I was just wandering over to say "make both". Great minds, and all that... Either that or every one of your friends is an enabler.

Switch a bit - put the mid grey with the purples and use the blue with the greys.

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