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The image says it all really! It's not the fact that I look like my mum that bothers me - that's genetic and I can't do anything about it. What I don't like are those little phrases of hers that pop unbidden into my head, particularly when trying on clothes. "That makes you look all wool and a yard wide" is not encouraging....


Oh am I glad its not just me......... my mum pops up everywhere and she died nine years ago!!
Julie xxxxxxx

I know what you mean. If I hear myself say, "The lazy man's way is always the longest" One More Time.....

I not only hear mine in my head but in my ears - she still nags me!

Tell me about it! When I was young I vowed I would never say the things that my mother came out with and yet I find myself constantly saying them to my own children then automatically cursing myself for saying said "mother phrases". I know my eldest daughter will do exactly the same and when that time comes I shall smile wryly I think and think to myself "been there, done that, got the t shirt"!! :)

That certainly strikes a chord! I was trying on a dress today, looked at myself in the mirror in the changing room and said alound "ooh,no: too Polly longfrock.". (Yes, talking to myself, too).

When asked what time it was my mum always said,'Quarter past a daffodil' I say it all the time. My dads favourite expression was 'go to the top of the class, but don't take your books'

It's just something we can not escape. We've all got a mother, even son's have a mother...and I see my husband's mother in him too! Just a curse to some or a blessing to others. How many times I've heard my girl's say "You sound just like grandma!"

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