So papa, how do you like the iPad we got you?
A Cubist knitter

Now, what have I been up to?

A lot of crochet and knitting, mainly for presents so unbloggable at the moment. Projects on the needles include a Nuvem (Rav link) which is about half done; it's growing very slowly now with umpteen stitches to a round. I haven't counted the stitches because the enormous number would seriously put me off doing any more and I don't want it to lurk unfinished...

The weather has been fairly unspeakable until a couple of days ago when the big yellow thing in the sky appeared for more than a couple of minutes at a time and the wind changed to a gentle breeze. In spite of the lousy weather, my balcony pots are looking lovely - mainly pansies and violas in white, lilac, purple and yellow.


I've finally got rid of the pigeons - 30 quid's worth of bird spikes has done the trick and I can now enjoy sitting outside in peace without pigeon crap everywhere. My balcony does have a certain Alcatraz feel to it though...


Flossie's very happy and enjoying the outside world and the sun. Here she is, soaking up the last bit of yesterday's sunshine.



Jan...been thinking about contacting you for ages and then saw you on Ravelry!
Jill Johnson here...remember me? I use to test stitch some of your Tom Pudding designs!
Don't really know how else to contact you, but would like to ask you some knitting questions if I can...very basic, but then I'm wanting to knit squares for charity and wonder if you can help. I'll put my email in the information box and hope you will contact me! Hope all is okay with you, Jill.

Too bad the kitty couldn't keep the pigeons at bay. The spikes are not so nice to look at, but definitely better than piles of poo! :)

I had been working on a baby blankie, but I did too much "Olympic Knitting" and got lost in my pattern. :( I had to pull off about 20 rows and now I'm not feeling very motivated to get it back on the needles. Anyway, I hope your projects are going better than mine! :)

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