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A break with tradition today - here's a recipe from guest blogger Mairead :o)

What to do with manky bananas

When you get a banana that is 'on the turn' and about to go brown and squishy instead of chucking it, slice it up and put the slices in a freezer box and freeze. Add to the box whenever another banana goes the same way. When you have about six bananas take the box out of the freezer and allow to defrost for about 20 - 30 minutes. They still need to be mostly frozen, but just a little soft round the edges.
Put them in a food processor or liquidiser and tip in a punnet of raspberries. Or strawberries, or other sweet fruit that takes your fancy. Blitz. 
You will now have ice cream the texture of an Italian semi-freddo and you can eat it straight away. What you don't eat can go back in the freezer for another time. If it lasts that long, as being fat free it is also guilt free! 


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