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The blanket



I do have a bit of a problem finishing things (not work stuff which has deadlines); it's things for me that get left unfinished. These are some of the ends I darned in yesterday. It took me most of the day while listening to the first half of an unabridged audiobook (all 7 hours 24 minutes of it) to finish the ends on a ripple blanket crocheted in, gulp, 2004. Or it may have been 2003. Said blanket has featured as a photo prop (ends tucked away out of sight) and spent the last few years folded over the end of my bed (ends ditto) and I'm happy to have finished it at last.

Come back tomorrow to see the blanket in all its finished gorgeousness!


You sound like me! I have lots of unfinished pieces because of ends! I now crochet/knit them in for a couple of stitiches them when I changed colours and snip as I go. My theory is once I've gone round the egde with double crochet or sewn the piece together no one will notice!
Julie xxxxxxx

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