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Lol! Didn't mean to sound snotty, but if you have a look on p115 of your 200 blocks book I think you'll see that's not how you do a DC.
P119 in your 200 baby blankets books shows it correctly.
And I've been doing it wrong for 2 years now. MY crochet would have looked much nicer if I'd figured it out sooner. At least now I know why I sucked at crochet! Lol!
Looking forward to making a new blanket doing the stitches the right way :)

The stitch instructions are not incorrect. You have the English version of 200 blocks - page 115 shows how you do an English dc. Which is exactly the same stitch as an American sc, it just has a different name. You have the American version of 200 baby blankets - page 119 shows an American dc which is a tr in English terminology. The two are not interchangeable which is why my books are published as separate English and American titles.

Don't let the buggers get you down! I think your instructions are great and I know how much care you take over them.

There should be a YouTube video for "think a minute before you shoot your mouth off."

Who knew the crochet world was so divided!
Now I'm worried who knows what stitch any designer will be referring to. Being an Australian I obviously get English and American patterns.

How condescending! I've had similar comments from 'experts' who don't understand the difference in terminology between British crochet and American crochet, even though my crochet patterns contain separate instructions for each, clearly labelled.

Your instructions are very clear.
I agree with the comment re You Tube and think....
I know exactly how you are feeling I was told recently I didn't craft!
Julie xxxxxxxx

Wow, can't believe it Jan. Your instructions are incredibly clear as I can affirm. It's following your books that made me venture into the magic world of crochet and not just make the granny blankets my gran taught me. There's always one . Hugs

I'd struggled with learning to crochet for more years than I care to mention (oh, alright then, 27 years) until I got your 200 blocks book, and finally it all made sense.

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