Just the way not to start the day
Feeling better and more colourful

Random thoughts

1. I have dirty windows. Thanks, seagull.

2. I'm bored with crime fiction - too many similar plots, mutilated corpses and renegade detectives.

3. Mislaid my knitting mojo. This happens every now and then and it's a temporary loss.

4. Week 5 of this cold. Please go away.

5. The Faithfull Companion is either grumpy or going to hack up a hairball. Or both.



1) Know that one, we have urban seagulls and I'm sure they wait till the window cleaner has been!
2) Haven't read anything for ages!
3)Yes I'm having a temporary loss of crafting mojo at the moment too!
4)Still have the hacking dry cough after the flu 5 weeks ago.
5) We don't have pets, perhaps she is just grumpy 'cos it is still cold!

I really felt for you after reading this, but it is just one of those days that makes us appreciate the good ones. Well that's what I tell myself.

Hi Jan. I finally decided to join your merry band of followers.
Sorry to read that you`re still feeling ill with a cold. If I could suggest a good treatment I`d recommend freshly grated ginger, lemon juice and honey tea several times a day.
Hope you feel better, soon.

Lots of love,

Hope you and faithful companion are feeling better. I have no words for the dirty windows. :)

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