It came back

That was the cold that was

A particularly beastly cold has been had. You know the sort - no voice, hacking cough ('twas a 3-bottles-of-Benylin-event), sore throat and snot. Lots of snot.

Not much happening at Wibbo Towers as a result of the above - a little gentle sock knitting done, books read, audiobooks heard. I also started this


which is looking rather good (and the pattern doesn't need much concentration). The yarn came from Woolly Workshop a good few years ago; it's a wool/silk/nylon mixture which should soften up nicely when washed and blocked.


With you on the cold front - never seen so much of the stuff - snot that is! I blamed the grandchildren, perhaps shouldn't have..... took my dad to see them to that day. My dad and husband both have had flu and pnumonia jabs so I think I got the their share of it too!
Lovely knitting
Julie xxxxxxxx

Its gorgeous! I look forward to seeing it.

Liking it

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