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I'm rehanging pictures in the hallway today. The walls have just been painted (I will avoid telling the year-long story of leaks from the flat upstairs/insurance claims etc) in Lime Explosion which is a brave colour choice from someone who's been stuck in it's-a-wall-paint-it-white mode since about 1964.

I adopted these two chaps as honorary relatives about 30 years ago when I rescued the photographs from a car boot sale. The top one is dated 1918 and that's a Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) flaming grenade cap badge at the bottom of the original copper-covered frame. The bottom photograph has a modern mount and frame; Schofield, Brighton is hand-written below the image.


Lovely colour Jan, cheery when you come in after being out in the cold. Take it all been fixed.........?
Julie xxxxxxxxx

No leaks for three months! I am still keeping my fingers crossed though, just in case...

I love the colour, really works with the photos too x

Loving the green!

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