Yellow, red and a cat
A couple of things

Now, let's see...

For most of this year I've been busy sorting, clearing, chucking, charity-shopping all kinds of stuff. I probably have still more stuff that I need but it's now down to a more manageable size. I don't collect things any more but do get attached to those I have, particularly to books. 

There has been knitting. And frogging. This blue number is one of my better efforts.



A beaded Summerleaf shawl for a friend's birthday - details on Ravelry.

I'm back to low carb eating and feel better/have more energy than earlier this year. Have a nice crustless quiche - this one is broccoli and smoked mackerel.


The builders have gone, the scaffolding is down and my balcony pots have new plants - a blue daisy (Felicia amelloides), a scented pelargonium (Concolour Lace) and a yellow-flowering plant (below) that had lost its label.


Can anyone identify it?


Is it a sort of tagetes?

Hi Judith! I went back to the shop where I bought the plant - evidently it's a rudbeckia. Will investigate further as to variety...

I think it is Coreopsis, variety "Roi René". I wouldn't want to pit myself against your garden expert, but I have grown these before chez moi. All the Rudbeckias I've ever planted have grown to be six feet tall, not what you'd want on a balcony. And they are also much smaller than Gazanias.

Thank you Joan! I've googled photos of Coreopsis and that's definitely my plant! I agree with you about Rudbeckias being tall - used to live near a garden full of them and they grew higher than the fence. Thank you for your help :o)

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