The greens are done...
Still here....

Now, where was I?

I seem to remember saying something about blogging more here I am.

Hove has been looking lovely lately although today's weather is typical for a bank holiday - grey. Photos were taken last week- top one is Adelaide Crescent from Hove Lawns; bottom one is Hove beach.



I've started sewing again with a new machine. After 30 or so years of using a secondhand Pfaff machine I've found the switch to a Bernina a little challenging. My hands automatically try and thread the new machine Pfaff-wise but I'm getting there. Slowly.



So far, I've finished a Mandy Boat Tee (photo shows sleeve before hem was turned; fabric has a black background) - it's a free downloadable pattern from here and I'm happy with it. I adjusted the pattern to make the sleeves wider and longer and the body slightly shorter. I plan on making several of these in the future as the shape is comfy to wear.


And I found a spot to hang this which hasn't been out of its storage box since last century. It's a very old Indian door hanging (toran) with dozens of tiny shisha mirrors surrounded by silk embroidery.


Love that wall hanging, and your top is gorgeous, been and had a look at the pattern and downloaded it too

Julie xxxxxxx

Help! May I ask a question about the evening stole in your Knitted Lace book - page 30? I wrote this down about 15 years ago but have moved so many times I have no idea what happened to the notation. It is made from a cream, DK ribbon yarn. Thanks!

You can ask your question here Nancy or email me on wibbos (dot) words at yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk if that's easier.

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