New Year's Day
Took all of January

Back in the land of the living....

Well, I'm almost there after three weeks of flu. My hacking cough has gone, I no longer have a head full of cotton wool and food tastes like food instead of cardboard!

In other news, I'm working my way through all the Harry Potter audiobooks again. I've nearly finished Book 4, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and  thoroughly enjoying them. Stephen Fry is a genius narrator and makes the books perfect knitting listening.

Two other things - I'm seriously delighted that the wonderful Def Leppard have released their back catalogue on Spotify (other streaming services are available...) and the new Magnum album sounds pretty good after a couple of listens. I love my music!


Glad you are feeling better. Just after our phone call we both went down with the flu too!
You have made me want to get my Harry Potter audio out again too

Julie xxxxxxxx

Sorry to hear you've had the flu. I've had it too - horrible! Now just left with one bunged-up ear. I was however able to crochet while reclining on the sofa watching back episodes of Without a Trace!

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