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New Year's Day

I'm happy that it's the first day of a new year today. I find New Year's Eve difficult; I'm sad about the people I love who are no longer here and the evening turned into a bit of a misery wallow. I miss my dad at this time of year even though it's now 50 years since he died.

On to more positive thoughts. The first day of the year is like the blank page of a nice shiny notebook waiting for me to begin. I don't make resolutions any more (resolutions are inevitably broken = failure = beating myself up in my head) but this list did amuse me this morning.


These are Woody Guthrie's New Year Resolutions for 1943 (image from @haymarketbooks on Twitter) and I shall endeavour to Stay Glad and Dream Good in 2018. 


Wash teeth if any.... always good advice!
This is the first year I've had no parents, and it's funny to miss talking on the phone to my practically deaf dad; a lot of imagination required on both ends.... Onward!

I don't make resolutions, total waste of time! I set goals!
People seem to have a word now, which I blogged about this morning, I will probably stick to it because I silently practised the word last year

Julie xxxxx

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