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I hate the amount/style of betting adverts on the radio (I mainly listen to Planet Rock). The adverts are shouty and style betting as 'exciting', 'unmissable fun' and 'smart'. There's nothing smart about betting; it's how to get yourself in debt and the only people who get rich are bookmakers.


This tiny Victorian moneybox is my reminder never to bet; it's made from china and has a slot across the top which is chipped in several places. It belonged to my grandma who gave it to me when I left home in the Sixties to go to art school. She told me not to be tempted by betting on anything; her mum used to raid the moneybox when she'd run out of money to bet on horse racing, using a knife to slide out the coins, hence the chips.

Did she win bets and make her fortune? As you might expect, the answer is no.


I totally agree with you. We listen to radio 2 Ken Bruce and radio 4 extra comedies, plays and stories. No Adverts, hate adverts even on TV. we record any thing we want to watch so we run through the ads!

Julie xxxx

Just to say we listen to Radio 4 Extra on the i-player

Julie xxxxx

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