February's entertainment

Staying at home

i don't really mind staying at home (I'm over 70, so being very cautious about Covid-19). Self-isolation feels rather like working freelance from home which I did for many years but this time it's without the work! 

My studio table is tidy and today's plan is to get out the pdf sewing patterns that I've printed on paper and stick the pages together. I'm in need of new clothes and have lots of fabric washed and ready to cut out.


Apart from sewing clothes, I have plenty here to keep me occupied and happy. Music, books, audiobooks are all essential to my mood (thank goodness for Spotify, Kindle, Audible and library apps) and there's a sizeable yarn stash to keep my fingers busy.


I have plenty to do to, trouble is because I have the opportunity of doing it without too much disturbance I now don'r want to do it!

Julie xxxxxx

Goodness me! I don't think I've ever seen the table so clear!! ;o) xx

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