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Working my way though the DVD collection is proving rather enjoyable during lockdown. I spent a lot of last weekend's Bank Holiday enjoying a Star Wars marathon, now I'm onto old black and white movies. Last night, it was Lost Horizon, tonight who knows?


I've enjoyed some old b&w films on Amazon Prime. Lockdown puts me in mind of Sunday afternoons at boarding school when there's nothing to do and nowhere to go, and it's Monday morning tomorrow. Actually, now I have loads to do but some of that feeling has come back.

Wow I just Googled the name of a shop that I still have the carry bag from, Ries of Holborn, and your blog came up showing the post about the blanket you crocheted way back in the 80's!
I have a project I started 30 years ago in London and now I am in lockdown in Melbourne I have picked it up again. The wool is a lovely Jaeger Gauguin DK and I'm really looking forward to finishing it. I don't suppose the shop is still there. Sorry couldn't post on that item in your blog.

Hi Sue!
Ries Wools was a wonderful shop and I used to visit it often. Happy memories!
I'm impressed that you still have your 30 year old project and I hope you finish it (and still like it) during lockdown.
Regards, Jan

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