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May's entertainment

The Magpie Murders [Unabridged Audiobook] [Audible] by Anthony Horowitz, narrated by Samantha Bond, Allan Corduner

To Catch a King [Unabridged Audiobook] [Audible] by Charles Spenser, narrated by Richard Trinder

Born in a Burial Gown (Avison Fluke #1) [Unabridged Audiobook] [Audible] by M. W. Craven, narrated by John Banks

Witchfinder [Unabridged Audiobook] [Audible] by Andrew Williams, narrated by Richard Mitchley

Dark Sacred Night (Renee Ballard #2) [Unabridged Audiobook] [Audible] by Michael Connelly, narrated by Christine Lakin, Titus Welliver

The Royal Baths Murder (A Yorkshire Murder Mystery #4) [Kindle Edition] by J. R. Ellis

In the House of the Seven Librarians [Kindle Edition] by Ellen Klages

The Devil's Cliff Killings (A Snowdonia Murder Mystery) [Kindle Edition] by Simon McCleave

The Great Darkness (Nighthawk #1) [Kindle Edition] by Jim Kelly

Divided House (Dark Yorkshire Series #1) [Kindle Edition] by J. M. Dalgliesh