December's entertainment

New things

There's not much happening at Wibbo Towers these days. I'm immensely fed up with Lockdown Three and I do miss seeing my friends. I'm also slightly bored with my own four walls, lovely though they are, so I'm planning to move furniture round in the living room, starting tomorrow. I'm not sure whether this will work visually until I've done it even though all the measurements work. So I might end up having to move everything back...

On the other hand, there are new stitchmarker sets for sale in my Folksy shop.


Clockwise from top left: Owls, Big Cats, Happy Sheep and Favourite Things. All are available in both knitting and crochet versions.


I'm impressed with your room reorganisation seen on Instagram! I still haven't got shades on several lights and we're living with the previous people's total beige... I'm blogging again though. It would be lovely if you could visit and comment :)

Hi Brigid
I've visited and commented on your new blog. Nice!
Surroundings could be worse than beige- I rented a flat many years ago that was painted dark brown and Barclays Bank blue throughout.

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