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November's entertainment

No Handcuffs [Unabridged Audiobook] [Non-fiction] [Audible] by Eddie Richardson, narrated by Karl Jenkinson, Eddie Richardson

The Snow Killings [Unabridged Audiobook] [Non-fiction] [Audible] by Marney Rich Keenan, narrated by Carrington MacDuffie

River God (Ancient Egypt #1) [Unabridged Audiobook] [Re-listen] [Audible] by Wilbur Smith, narrated by Mark Meadows

Murderland [Unabridged Audiobook] [Library BorrowBox] by Pamela Murray, narrated by Claire Eden

The Fellowship of the Ring (Lord of the Rings Book 1) [Kindle Edition] [Re-read] by J. R. R. Tolkien

Egypt (Rai Rahotep #3) [Kindle Edition] by Nick Drake

Snow [Kindle Edition] by John Banville

Castle Shade (Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes  #17) [Kindle Edition] by Laurie R. King

As Time Goes By [Paperback Edition] [Non-fiction] [Re-read] by Derek Taylor