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January's entertainment

The Last Exodus (The Earthborn Trilogy Book 1) [Unabridged Audiobook] [Audible] by Paul Tassi, narrated by Victor Bevine

The Garden of Angels [Unabridged Audiobook] [Audible] by David Hewson, narrated by Richard Armitage

The Ghost [Unabridged Audiobook] [Audible] [Re-listen] by Robert Harris, narrated by Michael Jayston

Paul McCartney: The Biography [Unabridged Audiobook] [Audible] [Non-fiction] by Philip Norman, narrated by Jonathan Keeble

The Gospel According to Coco Chanel [Unabridged Audiobook] [Audible] [Non-fiction] by Karen Karbo, narrated by Bernadette Dunne

Bette and Joan: The Divine Feud [Unabridged Audiobook] [Audible] [Non-fiction] [Re-listen]  by Shaun Considine, narrated by January LaVoy

A Spy Among Friends [Unabridged Audiobook] [Audible] [Non-fiction] [Re-listen]  by Ben Macintyre, narrated by Michael Tudor Barnes

Ring of Spies (Richard Prince Book 3) [Kindle Edition] by Alex Gerlis

End of Spies (Richard Prince Book 4) [Kindle Edition] by Alex Gerlis

Bad Girls, Good Women [Kindle Edition] [Re-read] by Rosie Thomas

To Die For (Hidden Norfolk Book 9) [Kindle Edition] by J. M. Dalgiesh

The Grit in the Pearl [Kindle Edition] [Non-fiction] [Re-read] by Lyndsy Spence