This and that

It's really cold this morning; no snow as yet but maybe it's time to break out the thermals. Just in case. I'd like to go out for a brisk walk and take some new pics for Hove Daily Photo but can't because I'm stuck in waiting for a delivery. 

The main computer is busy having a technical malfunction this morning (switches on but refuses to boot up) and I'm writing this on my old snail machine laptop. It might be old but at least it still works. Slow but sure.

This is off the needles and ready for blocking. I've run out of steam with a couple of things that are still on the needles; a little gentle frogging may be called for. I rather like frogging. Once I've got to the stage of questioning whether I like something that I'm knitting, it means that I'll never finish it. Thank goodness for ball winders :o)

November already!

I've lost a couple of months, it seems. Apologies for the gross blog neglect; no particular reason apart from a general loss of knitting/blogging mojo all round. Hove Daily Photo is still a daily occurrence but I though I'd better kick start my other blogs before they start to disappear into the wide blue yonder.  Hence, I've signed up for NaBloPoMo and will do my best to be more chatty than I have been....

Sneezing and sniffling

Not much happening at The Towers apart from a streaming cold to accompany some obsessive football listening. The pink striped orchid is still in flower



and another one's making its bid for freedom. Suspect that this is the softer, paler pink orchid that I blogged, oooh, ages ago

My knitting mojo has gone AWOL; it usually does at this time of year. I've started a couple of new blogs by way of compensation having more free time than usual. The first blog's a home for some of my cross stitch and blackwork designs which I've converted into free downloads - you can check them out at Tom Pudding Designs. It seemed silly to have the charts sitting around in a storage box and I've been meaning to get them online for a couple of years. The other new blog, Archive, is a mixture of vintage photographs, postcards and other bits and pieces that I've collected over the years. I guess this means I'm a serial blogger...