Ooooh, shiny!

I decided to leave the Christmas tree in its box this year; the out-of-Flossie's-reach spot where it usually goes is already occupied so I made a quick garland of baubles to hang across the centre of the window bay.





6 packs of tiny shatterproof baubles, some Anchor Artiste Metallic yarn in white, 2.75mm crochet hook. It's basically a long crochet chain with a bauble added every 4 chains by working a dc (US sc) through its hanging loop. 

This was fun!

It's been a very crafty week by the seaside. On Monday, Emma and Sam dyed sock yarn in my kitchen with Wilton's Icing Dyes - I've not used Wilton's before and was really impressed with some seriously saturated colours. Friday afternoon was a Brighton Craft Guerrilla crafternoon round at Emma's and these are some of the badges I came home with. She's got a brilliant badge-making machine; a proper professional number that's really easy to use and all sorts of stuff got badged. I used old maps and cuttings out of magazines and an old encyclopedia; Annie and Lucy tried out fabric, threads, crochet and sparkly bits and were very happy with the results. I think another badge-making afternoon will be on the cards soon....