Whiling away the time...


Working my way though the DVD collection is proving rather enjoyable during lockdown. I spent a lot of last weekend's Bank Holiday enjoying a Star Wars marathon, now I'm onto old black and white movies. Last night, it was Lost Horizon, tonight who knows?

Best of 2017, part two


My best nine posts on Instagram this year; lots of knitting as expected. From top left, Swallowtail Shawl for Steph, Celestarium blocking, Celestarium in progress, detail of my design Mysteria blocking, antique shisha embroidery from India hanging in my living room, Gudrun Johnston's Hansel blocking, Ashton Shawlette blocking, Malabrigo Sock in Fresco y Seco, my Find Your Fade shawl.

I'm @wibboswords on Instagram if you want to check me out....

Honorary relatives


I'm rehanging pictures in the hallway today. The walls have just been painted (I will avoid telling the year-long story of leaks from the flat upstairs/insurance claims etc) in Lime Explosion which is a brave colour choice from someone who's been stuck in it's-a-wall-paint-it-white mode since about 1964.

I adopted these two chaps as honorary relatives about 30 years ago when I rescued the photographs from a car boot sale. The top one is dated 1918 and that's a Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) flaming grenade cap badge at the bottom of the original copper-covered frame. The bottom photograph has a modern mount and frame; Schofield, Brighton is hand-written below the image.

Lickley-Dunlop Victorian Family Album


I'm fascinated by vintage photographs and I'm gradually uploading some of my collection to one of my blogs, Archive, along with postcards, documents and other ephemera. 

There's a huge amount of information about vintage photographs online as well as hundreds of images. I found the link to the wonderful Lickley-Dunlop Victorian Family Album on What's That Picture? and thought I'd share it.

Photograph  Copyright All rights reserved by Don Lickley